Pirates of the Caribbean


Wind of Change

Arrr. You be in the way boy, Time hath come to take back our ship and to you who betray, Ye shall walk the plank..hahahaha

It is in my judgement if man thinks of whats in his own mind be truth and not look to the one who is the Creator, I dare say that man is  as a fool is with pyrite thinking of such wealth with no value to compensate.
No, We not be done. For too long hath time slipped into nothingness and what we been left but bones of well thought of men who try to take there place on thy shore of my fathers. To no avail have any stood, As for I, I shall not seek the land or cast my eye's upon the ground until those who have cursed it be brought to a just punishment one that I can not cast my sword to but welcome such a mighty blow to all who have mocked the one who is ruler of all. Captian of this noble ship and crew in the year of our Lord 1792
Today be a grand day as we take back a place on the high seas that rightly be ours. Far too long have we been punished by Governments who take all and leave nothing..... We have been forced to the seas as the land we once held dear has been trampled upon by an unrighteous foot that hath no regard for her people. R.Kramer
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