Pirates of the Caribbean


To the reader of these pages,

A Pirate is any seafarer, man or woman ,who commits acts of robbery and murder on the high seas. Piracy is as old as seafaring itself. These pages are not of that.

A Buccaneer also known as freebooters, buccaneers were particularly those English and French pirates who were based on the island of Tortuga and Port Royal, Jamaica, in
the 17th century. These pages encounter these scoundrels.

A Privateer is a man who sails with a commission known as a letter of marque. These letters are issued by governments and permit the privateer to take and make prize of enemy ships. Our captain has been given commission over pirates that do great harm on the high seas.

 Are you there mate.... I am looking for you..... please come hence.to no avail.my plea goes to Davy jones locker.....a damp dark all encompassing place that light penetrate not.....the air is stagnant and the sound of your voice returns no echo.... why thy voice is heard not it is known not why..I find joy not in this place as no light can touch my skin and no voice I can hear for this is a truly dark place to be right now....freedom with my ship and crew is my plea.an echo not i hear...I shall sit and wait till the time may come when again I hear a voice from the distance....  only then shall the chains free from this locker and let light stream down upon my face and my eyes see the light of the clear blue sky.....alone light comes naught... I stand in this forsaken place that has no regard for time...I am but a humble pirate Me holds burstin' with swag trinkets matter nothing here thou can see not nor spend nor enjoy not......

By. R. Kramer


ye be warned

So, there is a curse? That's interesting
On this day march 16th 1783, I R.Kramer have been given a commission after service in the navel fleet for eight years. I shall travel to the shores off Tortuga and around the horn of Africa what will be a journey only a strong seamen will be able to accomplish. I and the hands that shall make sail are to search out and destroy those who take no heed in warnings from Eastern trade Governments to stop the shedding of blood of good seamen. I am troubled by my own thoughts of rights on the seas and how far the hand can reach. I hope my time in service to the crown in someways has not changed my outlook of the man I was in my youth.


Let me know what ye thinks

March 28th We sailed, The crew is in good form and spirits seem high. I have been assigned a first mate who in my opinion is like black powder next to a fallen spark. Not sure nor am I questioning his actions at this time.
April 21st 1783, We have made stay in a few English speaking ports, gathered food and drinkl and some had the company of the women of the brew houses. I feel the further we are out the more we are like our own floating country, trading goods among ourselves and in the settlements.
May 14th 1783, Our first taste of war on the seas to the victor are the spoils. There are many, We left no survivors. The crews taste of blood was as a pack of wolves in a night time attack with a victors feast.
June 12th 1783, After five successful attacks the first mate and others I feel may mutiny to gain control of my ship. For there lust for riches and a lust that is out of control as men to turn as the animal in a display of savagery. The wealth we have taken and lives we put to end only creates a taste for complete control.
So this be the life chosen by you.One of sure death and no love from any who you come to know. I hope you enjoy, far it be said as I may warn tis too late for me. Strike ye colors and sing for this be the day we have waited for. Black sam has gone to the locker and his treasure be ours.
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